Cattle Stolen from Carroll County Farm

Five cattle were stolen from a Carroll County farm during the evening of Friday, November 9.

The cattle include four black cows and one belted Galloway, which is easily identified because it is black on both ends and white in the middle, were taken from property at 4982 Highway 47. The cows belong to Jim Sapp.

A relative of Sapp’s saw a dark-colored truck with an aluminum trailer backed up in the barnyard loading cattle, according to Carroll County Deputy Sheriff Daniel Rose. He said the person knew nobody was supposed to be on the property and contacted law enforcement at 10:46 p.m.

The caller turned around and returned to the property. When he did, the driver of the dark-colored truck rammed through a gate on the farm and began driving on Highway 47 toward Sanders. The truck was pulling an aluminum horse or cattle trailer. Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman said the trailer would have extensive damage to the left side.

“People are just pulling up in people’s farms and loading the cattle,” Kinman said. He noted that thefts of this nature have occurred throughout Kentucky. Kinman cautioned farmers to be aware of their livestock and any unusual vehicles in their area.

Anyone with information on the cattle theft is asked to contact the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at (502) 732-7010 or leave an anonymous tip on the Sheriff’s website,