Two Break-ins on July 3rd

On July 3rd the Sheriffs Office responded to Gilgal road and Woodrow Wilson road in reference to two break ins. The suspects busted open a door on the residence at Gilgal. The home owner had a home security system on the residence and when the subjects busted the door open the alarm went off. It appears that nothing was taken from this residence. On Woodrow Wilson the subjects took a rock and busted out the back door window and gained access into the residence. Takien from the residence were 5 guns, 5 collector knives, Nikon camera, weedeater, and tools. Anyone with any information on either of these break ins are asked to call the Sheriffs Office at 732-7010 or send an anonymous tip on our website.


Click It Carroll County Enforcement Begins

Carrollton Police Department Assistant Chief Steve Abbott, Carroll County Deputy Sheriff J.T. Shaw, Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman and Carrollton Police Chief Mike Willhoite pose with one of several signs posted throughout the county to remind motorists to wear their seat belts and obey traffic laws during this enforcement period known as Click It Carroll County. (Photo by Jimmy Supplee.).

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Carrollton Police Department have begun working an overtime enforcement grant obtained through the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association.

The $23,000 grant was awarded to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office following an application. Only three counties in the state were awarded the money. The sheriff’s office received permission for the Carrollton Police Department to work the program as well.
The grant money is intended to pay overtime salaries for officers while they conduct traffic enforcement. Specifically, the officers are watching for seat belt usage, proper use of child restraint seats, drivers who are texting while operating their vehicle and general safe traffic practices. Tickets are being given to drivers rather than warnings.
“We are pleased to receive this grant and hope that the enforcement detail will increase awareness among all motorists and make all of us safer while traveling on Carroll County’s roadways,” said Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman.
The two agencies recently posted banners at locations in the city of Carrollton as well as in the rural portions of the county to remind motorists that the Click It Carroll County campaign has begun.